Reduce dark circles like a pro

Often you might find dark circles under your tired eye whenever you are getting ready for a party or any other social gathering. Though you may make promises to yourself to take care of it later on, you may end up forgetting it due to your hectic schedule.

So, try a few of these makeup tricks step by step to make your eyes look fresh and attractive whenever you plan an outing.

Apply moisturizer as a base

The area under your eye is usually pretty dry and if you apply makeup underneath without moisturizing it, your eyes may look cakey and wrinkled. Thus, you have to start your eye makeup by first applying a layer of moisturizer designed specifically for the eye area. This makes your skin hydrated and eases the even application of makeup.

Lighten the dark circles with a skin lightening cream

To give your dark circles a camouflaged look, use a skin lightening cream whose shade is lighter than that of your foundation. This hides the dark eye area and gives a softer look to your eye. Skin lightening cream which has a creamy consistency is better to be used than the caked one as it spreads evenly over the skin and reduces the lines and wrinkles. Also make sure that you do not smear the skin lightening cream roughly, but just press it gently under your eye area.